54 Hilarious Dog Photobombs That Are Making People Go Barking Mad


Do you often feel like your life needs a little more excitement? Well, don’t fret. This is something a lot of people feel. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to amp up the action and start living adventure-filled days, and one of them is to get a dog.

Any dog owner will tell you they can’t envision a world without their four-legged tail-wagging friend. Life with a dog is just… better. You always have to be on you toes when it comes to canines, but at the end of the day, it’s always worth it — and these photos prove it.


1. This little brown dog looks like she’s all ready for this street fight that’s quickly unfolding. She just has to remember what her wise trainer Mohammed Collie taught her: Move like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

2. There's nothing quite like a cozy movie night with your favorite pup. And if you've ever experienced a relaxing moment like this, one particular thought has probably popped up in your head


The subject itself is fascinating. What could possibly be going through your dog’s head as it looks at a TV screen? Just what, if anything, are they getting out of the experience?


There are plenty of people who believe that dogs can, and indeed do watch TV. As revealed by Rover, about 65 percent of dog owners don’t switch their televisions off when they leave man’s best friend alone in the house.


Plus, six out of ten owners quizzed by researchers claimed that their pooch even had a favored program. Meanwhile, eight out of ten stated that their pets regularly responded to small-screen stimuli.


In addition to that, flickering is another important factor when it comes to dogs and TVs. You see, your pet’s peepers are particularly sensitive to movement. They pick up on it in ways that we can’t.